Cambria Cake Stand (Round)


  • 20″ diameter x 4″H


  • Brushed gold, brushed silver

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Cambria Cake Stand (Round): Elevate Your Sweetest Moments

Introducing the Cambria Cake Stand, where artistry and elegance meet to elevate your most delectable creations. Crafted from high-quality metalwork, this round cake or cupcake stand is a masterpiece in its own right, with swirled metal designs gracing its sides like a dance of sugar spun delicately around your desserts.

Whether showcasing a grand wedding cake, a tower of sumptuous cupcakes, or an array of delicate pastries, the Cambria Cake Stand serves as the perfect stage. Its intricate design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also weaves a story of elegance around your dessert, turning a simple cake into the centerpiece of your celebration.

Available in two exquisite finishes — Brushed Gold for a sun-kissed, regal display, and Brushed Silver for a sleek, contemporary touch — the Cambria Cake Stand is designed to seamlessly integrate into your event’s theme while adding a dash of brilliance that catches every eye.

With the Cambria Cake Stand (Round), your desserts aren’t just served; they are celebrated, making each bite a memorable moment.